51.2V/12.28~24.57kWh LiFePO4 Battery System

· Flexible capacity configuration, the single group supports 12.28kWh to 24.56kWh, and can be used with ESS.RL1.612.
·Up to 4 groups of the same model module can be connected in parallel, and G4 can be expanded to 98.24kWh.
·Safe and reliable LiFePO4 cell ≥ 6000times @0.5C&25℃
·Each group of batteries converges to the centralized control box, which is safer and easier to wire, while an LED or touch screen can be selected to monitor the battery system.
·The maximum output support current 250A@G2, 300A@G3/G4 in the centralized control box
·Support WIFI connection, you can check the current data and historical data of the battery pack in the APP
·5 years warranty / 10 years warranty is optional




LFP.6144.G is supported by the LFP.6144.GM centralized control box, which has a built-in 300A connection terminal and can support the operation of a 15KW inverter.

Up to 8 battery modules can be connected in parallel in one group, expanding the capacity to 49 . 15kWh.

It supports parallel connection of up to 4 groups, expanding the capacity to 196 .6kWh.

Each centralized control box manages the battery modules under it, ensuring passive balancing between the modules for high consistency.

Passive balancing is also performed between groups to maintain optimal performance for the entire parallel module system .


Can be paired with LED or LCD

The options to choose LED display or LCD touchscreen are available to show battery capacity and operating status. The LCD version provides a centralized display of information for each battery group, including overall information for the entire battery cluster and specific details for each battery module. It displays information such as voltage and temperature for each cell. The system also supports the selection of communication protocols and allows users to view battery cluster information through an app using WiFi. Additionally, it supports compatibility with up to 27 mainstream inverter brands. 

Flexible configuration

Each LFP.6144.GM can be configured with up to 8 battery modules, meeting diverse user needs. It has a built-in 300A connection terminal and supports 1C charging and discharging, making it compatible with a 15KW inverter. Up to 4 LFP.6144.GM units can be parallel-connected, allowing for an expansion of capacity up to 196.6kWh. This meets the requirements of high-capacity users.

Easy to install

 The unique and innovative design allows for easy and quick positioning during module stacking. With hidden upper and lower cable ports, parallel connection and communication line connections can be easily achieved. The LFP.6144.GM supports both LED and LCD versions of the connection panel

System Parameters

Battery CellLithium Iron Phosphate (cobalt-free)-LiFePO4
Energy Capacity12.28kWh18.43kWh24.57kWh
Usable Capacity11.66kWh(DOD 95%)17.50kWh(DOD 95%)23.34kWh(DOD 95%)
Assembly method1 Main Control Box and 2 Battery Pack 11 Main Control Box and 3 Battery Pack11 Main Control Box and 4 Battery Pack1
Nominal Voltage51.2Vdc
Operate Voltage Range44.8Vdc-57.6Vdc
Max Charge Current300Amp Max@15kW inverter
Max Discharge Current300Amp Max@15kW Grid or PV Charge
Max Parallel4Pcs to 49.12kWh4Pcs to 73.72kWh4Pcs to 98.28kWh
Cycle Life[email protected]&25℃
Operate TemperatureBattery discharge: -10℃ to +50℃, Battery Charge: 0℃ to +50℃
IP GradeIP21(Indoor)
InstallationWall-Mounted or Floor Installation
Communication PortCAN/RS485
BMS MonitoringBMSSOC, System Voltage, I/O Current, Battery Capacity, Cycle Times, Battery Status, Cell Number,Fault code,Inverter COMM
Support Inverter BrandFor CAN:
Victron V1.0/SMA V2.0/ Studer V1.03/CNBOU V1.0/PYLON V1.3/Goodwe V1.5/SUNGROW V1.3/Solis V1.0/SOFAR V1.0/Growatt V1.05/Growatt V1.01/Luxpower V1.0/ Sol-Ark V1.2/TBB V1.02/Deye V1.0/LIVOLTEK V1.0/Sorotec V1.0/MEGAREVO V1.01/Afore V1.0/Sacolar V1.05
For RS485:
PYLON V3.5/DEYE V1.0/SRNE V1.3/Growatt V2.01/SMKSOLAR V2.01/EPEVER V1.4/Voltronic V1.0
Products Size(MM)600*1030*210600*1470*210600*1910*210
Products Weight(KG)140205270


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