Deye 16KW Inverter Hybrid with 24.56kWh MENRED ESS LiFePO4 Battery: Perfect Match for Home Energy Systems

Deye 16kW inverter

As economic development progresses, people increasingly demand higher quality of life, leading to greater power needs due to the rising number of household appliances. From initial 1-2kW systems to today’s popular 12-16kW models, the demand for photovoltaic storage systems has significantly evolved. The Deye 16kW inverter supports three-phase output and accommodates both 380V and 220V, meeting the needs for three-phase 380V applications like central air conditioning or a 5-horsepower air conditioner, while also serving typical 220V household appliances. Consequently, the Deye 16kW has become a favored choice for many users, ideally suiting modern households seeking efficient energy solutions.

The Deye 16kW inverter offers several advanced features that make it a standout choice for both residential and commercial energy systems. It boasts a colorful touch LCD for easy monitoring and control, and its robust design is enhanced with an IP65 protection rating, ensuring durability against environmental elements. This inverter is highly flexible, offering six time periods for battery charging and discharging to optimize energy usage according to your needs.

Moreover, it can handle a maximum charging and discharging current of 290A, which is ideal for high-demand applications. The Deye 16kW inverter also supports energy storage from diesel generators and can be AC coupled to retrofit existing solar systems, making it versatile for both new installations and upgrades. Additionally, it allows for up to 16 units to be paralleled for on-grid and off-grid operations, enhancing scalability. It also supports multiple batteries in parallel, providing further flexibility and capacity expansion as your energy requirements grow.  

The MENRED ESS LFP.6144.G2 battery offers a range of impressive features ideal for modern energy storage needs. It provides flexible capacity configuration, with a single unit supporting between 12.28kWh and 24.56kWh, and is compatible with the ESS.RL1.612 system. This model allows for parallel connections of up to four groups, enabling expansion up to 98.24kWh with the G4 configuration.

Built on safe and reliable LiFePO4 technology, the battery ensures longevity with over 6,000 cycles at 0.5C and a temperature of 25℃. Each battery unit connects to a centralized control box which simplifies wiring and enhances safety. Users have the option to monitor the battery system via LED or touchscreen interfaces.

The control box supports a maximum output current of 250A for the G2 model and 300A for G3/G4 models. Additionally, the system offers WiFi connectivity, allowing users to access current and historical data of the battery pack through an app. The MENRED ESS LFP.6144.G2 also comes with a standard five-year warranty, extendable to ten years, underscoring its reliability and commitment to quality.

menred battery

This case study features a configuration that provides ample energy supply for a household: a 16kW hybrid inverter paired with two 240Ah Menred LiFePO4 batteries and twenty-four 550W Canadian Solar panels. This setup ensures a robust and reliable power source, catering to the energy needs of a modern home with efficiency and sustainability. The integration of high-capacity batteries and high-output solar panels makes this system an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve energy independence.

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