Meeting MENRED ESS at the 135th Canton Fair

Meeting MENRED ESS at the 135th Canton Fair

MENRED ESS is set to unveil four innovative products at the 135th Canton Fair: 12.8V/3.58kWh and 51.2V/14.33kWh lithium batteries, a standard 5U rack-mounted 51.2V/6.14kWh battery, and a high-voltage battery pack ranging from 307V to 563.2V.

  1. The LFP.3583S is a revolutionary 12.8V/3.58kWh battery, featuring 3.2V/280Ah cells, with a charge and discharge current of up to 140Amps. It integrates a communication-enabled BMS (Battery Management System) that connects via CAN/RS485 for data transmission and reception. Ideal for mobile applications like RVs and yachts, it serves as a superior replacement for traditional lead-acid batteries, offering more than 6000 cycles with DOD (Depth of Discharge) > 80%, reducing costs and extending lifespan.

  2. The LFP.1433.F, a new 51.2V/14.33kWh lithium battery, showcases an integrated design with a high capacity of 14.33kWh and a charge and discharge rate of 150Amps. Compatible with 8kW hybrid inverter systems, it offers a high degree of integration and IP65 waterproofing. Utilizing 3.2V/280Ah lithium cells, it achieves a higher cost-performance ratio.

  3. The LFP.6144.R, a standard 5U rack-mounted lithium battery system with 51.2V/6.14kWh, features an LCD that displays voltage, temperature, capacity, and health of each cell within the pack. Suitable for server rooms, it supports a 1C charge and discharge current and a 6kW output from a single battery module. Up to 16 modules can be paralleled, with a 300Amp output terminal, allowing for a simple parallel connection to support a 16kW inverter system.

  4. The LFP.6144.H series includes six models with voltages of 307.2V, 358.4V, 409.6V, 460.8V, 512V, and 563.2V, catering to large-capacity storage systems of 30KW, 40KW, 50KW, and 60KW. Featuring 1C charge and discharge capabilities, dual DC outputs, and high-voltage cabinets equipped with Schneider Electric’s combiner switches. Integrated with the BMS, it ensures safety by automatically disconnecting the battery pack upon detecting faults.

The new products MENRED ESS is showcasing represent the industry’s pinnacle of innovation. The additions of LFP.6144.R, LFP.3583.S, LFP.1433.F, and LFP.6144.H are set to lead the sector forward.

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