Menred Group’s 2024 Southern China Conference in Jiaxing

Menred Group at the 2024 Southern China Conference

Join the Menred Group’s significant 2024 conference in Jiaxing, gathering all 104 sales staff from the six major southern regions of China, marking the sales team’s first complete assembly in 2024 across the Southern China region. The meeting will also see the participation of high-level executives from Menred Group’s headquarters, including Ms. Yin Shuangshuang, the head of the Brand Promotion Center, and Mr. Hong Yi, the Group CMO. Additionally, CEOs from specialized subsidiaries such as Menred HVAC, MENRED ESS, Menred Ventilation, Menred Heat Pumps, and Menred Wall-Mounted Boilers will attend to discuss and layout Menred Group’s future strategies in the field of sustainable technology solutions.


MENRED ESS CEO Rico Chen announced the launch of new products in the Chinese market, including photovoltaic energy storage applications suitable for villas and luxury homes in the China region. He pointed out that for villas, photovoltaic energy storage products are a necessity, especially in China’s economically developed areas, namely coastal cities. Villas built in China have basements, and all the sewage of the entire villa will be concentrated in a specific area underground, then pumped out to the city’s sewage pipes using sewage lift pumps. Due to the frequent occurrence of typhoons in coastal areas, this can lead to temporary power outages in the city. If the sewage lift pump cannot be used after a power outage, and the water pressure on the ground is higher than in the basement, there is a risk of water backflow into the basement, which could lead to groundwater ingress, damaging equipment and items stored in the basement. In his speech, he also mentioned the dependency on electricity for elevators, lighting, smart home products, and more. Rico redefined the application of photovoltaic energy storage systems in villas as a rigid demand, not just for saving on electricity bills. This 30-minute presentation opened up the sales team’s understanding of the application of photovoltaic energy storage systems in villas.

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